Using RPM to extract file

Carmel carmel_ny at
Wed Sep 21 11:17:30 UTC 2011

I am attempting to obtain a PPD file for a Brother MFC-9560CDW printer.
According to this URL:
I can download a file from:
for this printer. Unfortunately, the file is only available in either
"RPM" or "DEB" format. I cannot figure out how to extract the "PPD"
from "RPM" file. I have read "man rpm"; however, I am still confused. I
tried following the instruction given on the site for extracting the
files; however, that only issued a warning about an incorrect operating

Perhaps someone has some advice on how to go about this. I contacted
Brother in regards to this but they said they only support Windows
(obviously), Linux and Debian. According to them, support for other
operating systems in not being considered presently due to a lack of
consumer demand and the overhead involved.

Carmel ✌
carmel_ny at

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