Run different kernel subsystems with different priorities

Elof Ofel elof2 at
Wed Sep 21 09:20:36 UTC 2011


Is it possible to set different NICE priorities on different kernel 
For example, can I prioritize the interrupt handling of the NIC bge1 
([irq23: bge1]) over the interrupt handling of NIC bge0 ([irq22: bge0])?

...and can I make the usb subsystem ([usb0], [usb1], [usb2], [usb3]) less 
prioritized than pretty much everything else?

When running 'ps faxuwl', I see that all processess on my system is 
running with NICE value 0.

When assigning custom NICE priotities to my userland processes, what 
levels should one use? Is there any recommendation to follow?

If I intend to have three levels, high, medium and unimportant, should I 
use the values
0   10  20   or
0   1   2    or
0   50  100  or
-1  0   1    or
-1  5   10
or something different?


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