Postmap Issue

Robert Bonomi bonomi at
Wed Sep 21 07:37:10 UTC 2011

First things first.

_PLEASE_ !!!  Do not post from an account that includes these _stupid_ and
*LEGALLY*WORTHLESS* quote disclaimers unquote.  They are "not worth the
electrons they're printed on".

They _do_ accomplish ONE thing -- they make the sender look like an idiot,
and =discourage= some people (those who _know_ what garbage those disclaimers
are) from offering helpful information.  People too uninformed to recognize
that such nonsense is being attached to their messages, or too incompetent
as to seek out an email service that does _not_ perform msuch sutpidities,
are _unlikely_ to be mentally alert enough to profit from advice offered.


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> Hi All,
> Has anyone seen this error when running postmap on FreeBSD 8.X?
> mail# postmap /usr/local/etc/postfix/transport
> /libexec/ Shared object "" not found, 
> required by "postmap"
> If not, does anyone have some advice on better places to look? Google 
> search has been fruitless.
> P.S. mySQL is installed, and postfix was installed with mySQL support.

This may be a 'version mismatch' between an existing ''
and what postmap expects  run a find(1) for "**' and
see what it reports, an in what directories. use option '-ls' so you can
see permissions as well as mere file existeance.

See also 'man ldconfig'.

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