Brandon Gooch jamesbrandongooch at
Wed Sep 21 01:40:42 UTC 2011

On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 6:02 AM, Rafael NAVAZA <rnavaza at> wrote:
> Thank you for the reply Matthew.
> I'm indeed using the built in
> failover capability of LDAP clients. It works just fine when the first
> LDAP server is powered off, but it does not work that well when slapd
> becomes a zombi ( because the clients take about 1 min to try the second
>  LDAP server, for each request, every time ... )
> It is for that reason I'm interested in building a HA cluster for OpenLDAP.
> I'm
>  currently using the single-master replication and I will certainly move
>  to a mirrormode or a n-way multimaster replication schema (as long as
> the multimaster is used with CARP, this mode is equivalent to a
> mirrormode with more than 2 replicas, isn't it ?).
> As far as I
> know CARP will not check if the slapd is running correctly; that could
> be a problem if the CARP Master has a failing slapd. Do I have to
> monitor slapd with a third party software (like Monit) ? Can I configure
>  CARP and OpenLDAP to watch each other more closely ?
> Rafael.

Could this help in your situation?


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