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Tue Sep 20 10:08:20 UTC 2011

On 20/09/2011 09:50, deepak kumar wrote:
> I want to download the freebsd manpages for some sections which i don't have

Individual man pages can be viewd on-line at -- that's obviously the processed
page rather than the nroff source code.

Page sources are available in the various on-line VCSes used by the
project, but the man page sources are mostly interspersed with the C
code etc. they describe.

> and i need the compressed (tarball) for those section there is some way to
> download them

Hmmm.... manpages are available on the distribution media for a release.
 For instance, look at:

There are several combinations of $ARCH and $VERSION available -- but
only for released versions, so 8.2-RELEASE is the most up to date available.

You'll need to download all of the files in that directory.  Well,
except for the CHECKSUMS.* and *.mtree files. Although not absolutely
necessary, verifying the checksums is a good idea...  The format is a
split-up tar archive; if you read you'll see how to extract
the contents.  Be careful though -- by default unpacking that tarball
will overwrite the manpages in /usr/share/man



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