Using ports and packages together (or, how do I get mod_php5 ? )

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Tue Sep 20 08:23:40 UTC 2011

On 20/09/2011 05:33, Jason C. Wells wrote:
> I noticed only recently that there are now packages on FTP in a folder
> called packages-8-stable.  I am not sure how often these are built.  I
> expect that the entire ports tree is built much like it is during a
> release, except at some later point in time.  I would expect that those
> ports are all "dependency consistent" with each other to the maximum
> extent possible.

'Latest' packages are built for each updated port + OS version +
architecture combination whenever resources are available on the build
cluster.  Typically that implies a delay of a few days or a week or so
after the update hits the ports CVS.  Yes, if you install the latest
pkgs everything should still remain consistent -- but that means you
should install all of the available updates: picking and choosing is the
route to tears before bedtime[*].



[*] Unless you know exactly what you're doing and understand how all the
dependency relationships work.

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