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On 19/09/2011 15:54, Rafael NAVAZA wrote:
> Is there a way to setup an OpenLDAP HA cluster (intersite multimaster) with CARP on FreeBSD ?

Hmmm...  So long as both the LDAP servers are on the same network
segment, and so long as they have separate addresses for their
replication channel, then I can't see why that wouldn't work.

However, LDAP, by its nature has a failover capability built in.  You
can just list several LDAP servers in your ldap.conf and each will be
tried in turn until you get an answer.  Or put a comma separated list of
several servers into a ldap:/// or ldaps:/// style URI.

There's also a way you can use SRV records with LDAP -- that gives you
weighted load distribution over a number of servers. See RFC 3088.
Note that not all LDAP clients support this, and its still only an
experimental service.



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