Firefox clean installation but does not execute

Alain G. Fabry alainfabry at
Tue Sep 20 05:48:37 UTC 2011


I've installed Firefox36 from ports, it installed without a problem but it does not launch. In other words, there's no firefox file on my system.
Had it installed before and working, then to clean out the system with unnecessary ports, I removed all ports and reinstalled only what is necessary.
Somehow now I can't get firefox to work. The installation runs through cleanly, but when I try to run firefox, the system just responds with 'command not found'

 fabry at desmo 7:27 % pkg_info | grep firefox
 firefox-3.6.22,1    Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
 afabry at desmo 7:28 % firefox
 firefox: Command not found.

What could be the problem, where could I start looking?

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