9.0 bata2 & keymap

Fbsd8 fbsd8 at a1poweruser.com
Mon Sep 19 23:14:09 UTC 2011

> Now I must point out that I tested hitting the cancel button in the 
> kbdmap command. It worked in that no keymap= statement was inserted into 
> /etc/rc.conf but it must also make some other changes some where else in 
> the system because if you do select an entry from the kbdmap database 
> and them remove the keymap= statement that was inserted into 
> /etc/rc.conf and then reboot the system, it will hang on reboot.
> Another point of interest is when selecting "cancel for the default 
> keyboard" still results in the block of 9 keys above the arrow keys to 
> not function. Issuing the "man cmd_name" command does display the man 
> page, but the {Page up, Page down keys } don't work. Also when using the 
> "ee" edit command the {delete, Page up, Page down don't work. There may 
> be more system utility commands with the same flaw.
> This may indicate that the default keyboard map in kbdmap command has 
> changed, is not the same as in previous releases or some thing else in 
> the 9.0 system has changed. In either case this needs research.
> Joe

I continued to research this problem and found the cause.
The content of 9.0 /etc/ttys has changed, (IE; cons25 is now xtern).
I have some changes in ttys on 8.2 and I just copied that file over to 
9.0 without looking at the content. The block of 9 keys above the arrow 
keys now work correctly.

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