limit number of ssh connections

Matt Emmerton matt at
Mon Sep 19 22:16:58 UTC 2011

Moving ssh to another port has solved the problem for me.
I had used sshguard in the past, but was always leery of locking myself out.

Matt Emmerton

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Wow, I'm glad I asked.  This has been very helpful.

@Григорьев Александр
Thanks for the tip on inetd, that looks like it might just do the trick.

@Paul Macdonald
My main reason for looking into this was glancing through the logs on
a server I just put online and seeing large numbers of unauthorized
login attempts.  Everything so far is highly unsophisticated, but it
did make me start to really think about the issue.  I might put ssh
onto a different port, that would at least stop the sort of fishing I
am currently seeing.  It's not clear if that would be "good enough."

@Damien Fleuriot
Have you had success with sshguard?  Installed it from ports, but then
I couldn't quite figure out how to configure it.  To be honest, I
didn't give it much of a chance before I moved on to the next thing,
so if you've had good luck then I should probably give it another
shot.  I did flip through sshd_config, but as far as I can tell it is
only possible to limit the number of concurrent connections.  It might
take a little longer, but I'm concerned it would still allow a
malicious individual to sequentially brute-force a password.

Thanks for all the responses.
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