location of bsdinstall "welcome" dialog screen source

Fbsd8 fbsd8 at a1poweruser.com
Mon Sep 19 22:06:39 UTC 2011

Michel Talon wrote:
> Fbsd8 wrote:
>> When installing 9.0 from cd or dvd the first screen bsdinstall shows is 
>> the bsdinstall welcome screen. I can not locate the source for this.
>> Its not in
>> /usr/sbin or /usr/libexec/bsdinstall/
>> Can someone please point it out?
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/src/usr.sbin/bsdinstall/scripts/auto?rev=1.14

Sorry if my post was not clear. The 9.0 cd and dvd have bsdinstall in 
/usr/sbin and /usr/libexec/bsdinstall/. After the install is completed 
the H.D also contains the same directories. /usr/sbin/bsdinstall is a 
script which sets some bsdinstall variables that launch the different 
install functions from /usr/libexec/bsdinstall/. This whole process 
starts with the keymap process as coded in the auto script.

Now what I am looking for is the script that has the bsdinstall welcome 
screen dialog in it. It is displayed before the keymap screen is displayed.

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