Using ports and packages together (or, how do I get mod_php5 ? )

Lars Eighner portsuser at
Mon Sep 19 20:57:12 UTC 2011

On Mon, 19 Sep 2011, Brandon Kuczenski wrote:

> I'm concerned that, if I have some packages built from ports and some 
> installed from the release, that the system will become unstable if things 
> get too out of sync.

I'd like to say it doesn't matter, but ...

If you are using packages from the time of 8.2 release, you almost certainly
will have trouble using the current (not CURRENT) ports tree for 8.2.  With
a fresh ports tree study UPDATING.  There is quite a lot of reading since
8.2 release. Ruby rolled forth and back, perl has rolled forward etc.

You may do better upgrading with packages first before recompiling things
you need to recompile.

In principle there is nothing wrong with having mixed self-compiled ports
and packages.

THE MAIN PERILS are letting the ports tree get out of sync with itself. 
This could happen, for example, if you cvsup and it stops (or is stopped)
before it is finished (to deal with that example, redo cvsup and be sure it
completes before doing anything with ports); or getting the package database
snafued which can happen if you or the electric company interrupt the
database update process.

> Am I incorrect? i.e. should I just go ahead and install libtool 2.4 from the 
> port?  I don't see this discussed explicitly in the handbook.

The handbook should not have much to say about this. Compiling ports
yourself or using packages should leave you in exactly the same place
(unless of course you make changes when you compile).  The system cannot
tell where the binary came from. We have the habit of saying "port" when we
compile from the ports tree and "package" when install a package - but they
are really the same thing at a slightly deeper level.  Packages ARE ports.

/usr/ports/UPDATING is the key document.

I don't see any notes since 8.2 release to suggest libtool backward
compatibility problems have cropped up since then. Since more things depend
on libtool than you can shake a stick at it is likely to a long time for
pkgdb to edit the dependencies in the usual way.  Investigating -s might

PS: installing mod_php is an option which I think is called WITH_APACHE.
To be absolutely sure it is set, run make config in php5 port.  The config
will be saved and some port maintenance tools may assume it is right without
prompting you.

Lars Eighner
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