Enlightenment tips and tricks

Open Slate openslateproj at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 18:57:48 UTC 2011

After using Gnome for awhile I am giving Enlightenment a try. Loved it many
years ago but it consumed a lot of resources, the current version does not
appear to have that limitation.

What other ports do Enlightenment fans recommend to extend its
functionality? I have the gimp, Abi Word, Lyx, and Bluefish. I do like
Gnumenric, but doesn't that pull in a lot of Gnome? (i already have Gnome
but want to do over without it.) I am not a heavy spreadsheet power-user,
maybe I should stick with Google Docs, which I do use?

Favorite mail clients? I used to use sylpheed, does it play well with

Favorite web browser, again looking for integration, the way Epiphany fits
in with Gnome.

System administration tools?

Notebook computer stuff, especially power management, at least as much as
Gnome has. Monitoring tools, at least.

A replacement for gdm that is more like Enlightenment than xdm is, as I

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