Wine-fbsd64 updated to 1.3.28 (32bit Wine for 64bit FreeBSD)

David Naylor naylor.b.david at
Sun Sep 18 11:15:53 UTC 2011


Packages [1] for wine-fbsd64-1.3.28 have been uploaded to mediafire [2].  This 
does contain XInput2 support.  The sound issues appear to be resolved.  If you 
experience any sound issues please report them to and CC me.

To date there has been 936 (+14) downloads from mediafire.

nVidia uses should rerun after updating wine.  


  MD5 (freebsd8/wine-fbsd64-1.3.28,1.tbz) = 4b9beb95ff38879320b69482598a96da
  MD5 (freebsd9/wine-fbsd64-1.3.28,1.txz) = 9f5cb96d937eeafd349965f98c543b80
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