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On Fri, September 16, 2011 2:03 pm, Devin Teske wrote:
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>> On 15/09/2011 23:46, Allen wrote:
>> > Sorry for top posting
>> I have never understood why people apologise when they top post. Is your
> client
>> mail so bad that you can't move your cursor selector under the last
>> message?
> Preamble: Not making excuses for others' actions, but airing grievances
> because
> I'd really like Microsoft to fix this one.
> Observation:
> Microsoft Outlook 2010 has a nasty nasty bug (or at least, I consider it
> to be a
> bug). If the e-mail that you are responding to is in HTML format and your
> reply
> is also in HTML format, then you cannot insert text in the middle of the
> reply-text. The expectation that you can insert text in the middle of the
> reply-text at a different indentation-level fails miserably. As a
> work-around
> you can change the reply-mail to be in either Rich Text or Plain Text
> format,
> but that removes the indentation-level of the reply-text (yuck). It's
> rather
> frustrating and whenever I am faced with top-posting because of Outlook's
> iniquities or using another mail client ... I simply use another mail
> client
> (period).
> Just sharing...
> Devin

Also many smartphone and tablet mailers automatically top-post, and make
it significantly harder to move the cursor around inside the text with any

Daniel T. Staal

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