Need an audio multicasting solution

Victor Sudakov vas at
Fri Sep 16 03:57:08 UTC 2011

Eduardo Morras wrote:
> >
> >I need a solution to read sound from a soundcard (/dev/dsp) and
> >multicast it into the network, for the multicast audio stream to be
> >played on FreeBSD, Linux and Windows workstations. No sophisticated
> >codecs needed, plain PCM would do.
> >
> >Can you advise something? I know that in theory there are many ways to
> >implement this, but I am especially interested in personal first-hand
> >experience, success stories or good white papers. Please no
> >lmgtfu-type replies. Thanks very much in advance.
> You can use videolan / vlc. It allows you to multicast video too. In 
> September 2011 BSD Magazine you have some examples about that.

I like vlc on Linux/Windows machines. But installing it to a streaming
server is a pain. Even if you disable all options in "make config", it
still tries to build scores of dependencies including some components
of the X Window system. Not nice.

Now I am experimenting with ffmpeg (with ffserver and without) with
moderate success.

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