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Frank Shute frank at
Fri Sep 16 01:06:03 UTC 2011

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 05:46:35PM -0400, Allen wrote:
> Sorry for top posting but can anyone send this to "Computer Stupidities"
> ? It seems to good to waste like this.  Anyone who thinks they're a
> Hacker yet doesn't know how FTP works is not only funny, it's
> entertainment. And also, the web site I'm speaking of, has a similar
> story sent in from another reader, where they talked about back when
> they were in a Web Development class once, the teacher partnered
> everyone up with someone else, and so, since he had already made his own
> web site, he figured he'd show it to his new partner, and said "This is
> my web site here" and the guy, like a moron, highlighted ALL of the text
> with a Mouse, and threatened to hit the "Delete" button on the Keyboard...
> This reminds me of that quite a bit lol.

You may mock him now but wait until he discovers csup. With his uber
skills he'll be able to delete all our source files!

Will you be laughing then? 





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