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William Bulley web at
Thu Sep 15 12:41:21 UTC 2011

According to Warren Block <wblock at> on Wed, 09/14/11 at 20:21:
> Two things you can do to improve the situation.


> First, describe the appropriate settings and files on 


> Then write some updates to the man page, or at least describe what is 
> missing, and submit a PR.

I will do this, but I first have to go through the procedure
of how to do this (by reading the handbook, very likely).

> This can be worthwhile doing just for yourself.  If a man page is 
> missing something for me once, chances are I'll hit it again later. 
> Helping others is a side benefit.

It isn't for me that I am doing this.  It is to help others - really.  :-)



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