Brother MFC-8890DW printer

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Wed Sep 14 19:35:36 UTC 2011

On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 2:56 PM, Jerry <jerry at> wrote:
> I have an opportunity to pick up a Brother MFC-8890DW printer at a
> fantastic price. There is a Linux driver for CUPS available at:
> <>
> This is obviously not a high end unit; however, I feel I could
> probably get fair results out of it. It is not a "color" printer so
> it will only be used for normal b/w documents. I plan to hook it up to
> my router using a wireless setup on my home network.
> I am not worried about my Windows machines since it will obviously work;
> however, I want to know it this printer works as designed with FreeBSD.
> I doubt that the FAX function would be used at all via FreeBSD, if it
> is used at all. I have a dedicated FAX. However, the copy and scan
> functions would be important.

My 0.02:

For printing you will most likely get IPP printing a generic
PostScript driver to work with this printer, and obviously by using
the provided PPD by Brother. In this case FreeBSD CUPS server will act
as a client to the printer which really is it's own print server.  If
you get it to work with IPP you shouldn't really need a driver as
such, just the appropriate filter to work (i.e. the PPD file).

Scanning is probably going to be harder. All front-end sane programs
support the "net" driver but I think that is limited to saned, the
networked version of sane. I have used saned and I scan remotely with
saned but the actual sane driver is running on the machine that has
the device physically attached to it. Again in your case, the scanner
itself provides some scanner protocol (i.e. the scanner is the
scanning server sever) and it's probably not open nor compatible with
the front-end sane applications.

Sane as such has poor support for Brother:

But, many times these multi-function machines are OEM by others
(Samsung, Xerox, etc) especially if the scanner is ADF maybe the hw is
actually Canon or Fujitsu. So maybe the chipset is actually compatible
with other sane drivers.

On the other hand, Brother seems to be quite Linux friendly:

>From what I saw real quick it could be quite possible to get the Linux
Brother network scanner driver to work on FBSD/Sane by means of
Linuxator, even the "network" scanning:

So resuming:

- It's very probable that a CUPS server (actually client in this case)
will print on this network device. Probably via IPP using the provided
PPD by Brother or generic Postscript I think will work for sure.
- The networks scanner seems to be supported by Brother on Linux, IMO
if you set-up sane at the linuxator level and you get scanimage to
work inside linuxator, it will be a breeze to enable saned and scan
natively from sane on FBSD. In this scenario, the native front-end
sane programs (scanimage, xsane, etc.) will talk to a saned network
driver daemon in Linuxator and this one in turn will talk to the
networked scanner.


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