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William Bulley web at
Wed Sep 14 14:10:48 UTC 2011

A friend of mine has an IBM T500 Thinkpad which is nearly identical to
the one I have.  We both have interesting audio issues.  Any ideas as
to why the problems explained below exist would be greatly appreciated.

My T500 shows two devices /dev/mixer0 and /dev/mixer1 corresponding to
pcm0 and pcm1 as displayed by % cat /dev/sndstat in 8.2-PRERELEASE from
January 2011.  I am able to hear audio on the built-in speakers using
/dev/mixer1 but not able to hear audio when plugging stereo headphones
into the green "audio out" jack.  However, the speaker audio is muted
when the headphones are plugged in.  I have tried two different head
sets to rule out flawed hardware.

My friend's T500 is more up-to-date than mine (likely 8.2-STABLE) but
in his case headphone audio works perfectly and he has had no luck in
getting audio out of his built-in laptop speakers.  Very weird...

This situation sucks, but we have not been able to suss out what the
problem is.  He and I have been running FreeBSD for over a decade, so
we are not clueless, but this laptop audio weirdness has us stumped.



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