Recommended SWAP space for large amounts of ram (8GB)

Jonathan Vomacka juvix88 at
Wed Sep 14 12:56:33 UTC 2011

Good morning all,

Each operating system seems to have different documentation regarding 
what a decent swap size is for systems with large amounts of RAM. My 
system only has 8GB of RAM. Some people have gone with the general idea 
that 2X the amount of RAM is sufficient but for systems with large 
amounts of memory 1X the amount of RAM is fine. I was also told that 
anything over 2GB of SWAP space will cause performance issues on the 
system and that it is not recommended.

Either from the FreeBSD docs, or based on personal experiences, what is 
the recommended swap space for a 8GB system? Your opinions are greatly 

Kind Regards,

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