Need an audio multicasting solution

Alejandro Imass ait at
Tue Sep 13 19:11:25 UTC 2011

On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 1:57 AM, Victor Sudakov <vas at> wrote:


> A quick look at Icecast showed that it does not support multicast either.
> It this true? If so, Icecast is completely useless for my scenario.

AFAIK very few media streamers (or none) actually support real IPv4
(Class D) Multicast. They support what is known as "application
multicast" akin to a multi-process/multi-threaded Web server.

I don't know much about real IPv4 Multicast but I've heard it's not
that easy to do in the real world and would probably require
coordination with your ISP unless you're multicasting in a private
Again, IMHO because I've never even attempted multicasting.

Why do you need multicasting anyway?

Alejandro Imass

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