Crash when copying large files

Toomas Aas toomas.aas at
Mon Sep 12 21:32:44 UTC 2011


I'm trying to move a filesystem to a new larger RAID volume. The old  
filesystem was using gjournal, and I have also created the new  
filesystem with gjournal. The FS in question holds the DocumentRoot of  
our web server, and in its depths, a couple of fairly large (several  
gigabytes) files are lurking.

I've mounted the new FS under /mnt and use tar to transfer the files:

cd /mnt
tar -c -v -f - -C /docroot . | tar xf -

It seems that these large files cause a problem. Sometimes when the  
process reaches one of these files, the machine reboots. It doesn't  
create a crashdump in /var/crash, which may be because the system has  
less swap (2 GB) than RAM (8 GB). Fortunately the machine comes back  
up OK, except that the target FS (/mnt) is corrupt and needs to be  
fsck'd. I've tried to re-run the process three times now, and caused  
the machine to crash as it reaches one or another large file. Any  
ideas what I should do to avoid the crash?

The OS version is 7.3 (amd64).

Toomas Aas

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