traffic shaping freebsd

Michael Sierchio kudzu at
Sun Sep 11 23:06:24 UTC 2011

On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 3:38 PM, alexus <alexus at> wrote:
> thanks, but did u actually tried it?

If what you're asking is, "does traffic shaping work?"  the answer is
yes.  There are some provisos - you must create an outbound pipe and
an inbound pipe that accurately reflect the observed network
performance (not what your ISP told you).  This is because when you
create queues of different weights, the weights are only imposed when
one or more queues are full.


The place to start is to find out what kind of upload and download
throughput you get, then create pipes that are 95% of those observed
values (one up, one down), then instantiate queues with different
weights on each pipe, then create rules that match packets according
to which pipe they should go in.  Also consider that the sysctl
variable, net.inet.ip.fw.one_pass, might need to be 0 and not 1,
depending on whether queued packets need further processing.

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