KVM switch with FreeBSD-8.2

Daniel Feenberg feenberg at nber.org
Sun Sep 11 20:28:28 UTC 2011

On Sun, 11 Sep 2011, Carmel wrote:

> On Sun, 11 Sep 2011 14:28:42 -0400 (EDT)
> Daniel Feenberg articulated:
>> The problem I have heard of relates to "what happens if the machine
>> boots with the KVM switched to another machine?" The KVM may need to
>> pretend there is a keyboard connected at that point. You certainly
>> can't tell by looking at the box, but the Trendnet TK-407 I have
>> (which is a 4-port USB KVM from the vendor you mention) works fine
>> with FreeBSD and Windows. We haven't tested the mouse in FreeBSD.
>> Since any USB KVM would be fairly recent, you might just want to take
>> a chance.
> There is a Windows configuration utility that can be used to setup the
> switch. The way I figure it, if I cannot get it to work satisfactory, I
> can always return it.
> Does your switch work when "X" is not loaded? I have not been able to
> get a satisfactory answer regarding that. Someone mentioned that "X"
> has to be loaded first. That would definitely be a deal breaker.

If you are asking, "Is there a FreeBSD command to cause the KVM switch to 
move to the next system?" then the answer is "I don't know and it would 
amaze me if there were."

If the question is "Does the switch care what the OS is?" then the answer 
is, you can press the physical button on the switch to change the system 
connected. The OS doesn't know it doesn't have the screen and keyboard, 
and is in no way affected by the KVM switch, just as the KVM doesn't know 
or care what the OS is.

I just looked at the manual for the 207K online, and it indeed comes with 
a utility that runs under windows. That won't work with FreeBSD but the 
switch has actual buttons on it, and they will work fine.

Daniel Feenberg

> Thanks for your feedback.
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