9.0 beta2 & the new bsdinstaller

Fbsd8 fbsd8 at a1poweruser.com
Sun Sep 11 18:32:28 UTC 2011

Here are some problems that need to be addressed in 9.0.
If this list is not the correct list to notify the release team
then please post to the correct list.

1. During the transitional phase to using the new installer, the 
bsdinstaller welcome screen should have option to select to use
the old sysinstall instead of continuing with the new bsdinstaller. 
Selecting the shell option and entering sysinstall on the command line 
does launch the previous installer but it does not really work.

2. On the select a keyboard language menu screen, there are 9 options
for USA and none of them is the 101 keyboard layout. I've been
installing FBSD since release 4.0 and have never changed the keyboard
from what ever the default was. This keyboard menu should list the first
entry in the list as (default and use the keyboard language as used in
all previous releases. Also the keymap= statement that is placed in
/etc/rc.conf should have a default setting in /etc/defaults/rc.conf. The
system hangs if the keymap= statement is missing from /etc/rc.conf on boot.

3.Following the keyboard language menu screen is the "set host name"
screen. It seems that the keyboard language selected in the previous
menu is now in effect and if the keys layout does not line up with
the keyboard you have, then what ever you enter for the host name is
scrambled, (IE. type in "home" and "dwkc" is what shows on the screen).
There is no option to return to previous keyboard language
menu screen to select different keyboard language. Only option is to
reboot and start all over again from the beginning of the new bsdinstaller.

4. Distribution selection menu screen. The games & ports options are
checked with an asterisk meaning these are the defaults. All the options
on this menu should be blank so user has to make selection. Default
should be no selections.

5. Final configuration screen has the "add user" option and the OK
button highlighted. Hitting keyboard enter key takes you into add user
function as the default. The exit option should be first in the list so
its highlighted and hitting enter on your keyboard moves you to next
menu screen just like all the other bsdinataller screens do.

6. At the "Complete screen" when the reboot option is selected the
cd/dvd drive should automatically open so the install media can be
removed just like sysinstall does. If disc1.iso or dvd.iso was installed
to memstick and used to boot from to install the system, then a message
screen should pop out saying the memstick has to be removed now before
the reboot starts. Don't let the reboot occur until the memstick is removed.

7. On the partition editor screen the option <finish> should be the
first in the list (ie; left most side) so if user accepts this config,
hitting enter moves to next menu screen instead of having to tab over
taking more time and effort.

8. No where in the bsdinstaller is any help available.

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