KVM switch with FreeBSD-8.2

Carmel carmel_ny at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 11 13:03:21 UTC 2011

I am thinking of using a "TRENDnet 2-Port DVI USB KVM Switch Kit with
Audio TK-214i" with a FreeBSD-8.2 amd64 PC and a Windows 7 machine. I
presently have a Samsung 24" digital monitor and a Logitech S510
cordless keyboard & mouse combination. The keyboard, mouse and monitor
presently work fine on FreeBSD.

I am wondering if anyone has any personal experience with using KVM
switches with FreeBSD and what that experience might be. I would really
like to integrate these two PC into using just one common monitor,
etcetera mostly due to space considerations.

Carmel ✌
carmel_ny at hotmail.com

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