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On 10/09/2011 07:52, Mr. Darren wrote:
> I am trying to install Mumble on a headless FreeBSD server which has
> no need for X11.  Why is this port trying to install X11?  Seems like
> it shouldn't be needed.

Is that X libraries or the X server it's trying to install?  The first
is perfectly reasonable -- it's useful in general to be able to install
an application which uses the X protocol to connect to a remote X server
for its display, even if the machine where the application is installed
is never going to have any sort of graphical display itself.

If it's trying to install an X server, then something is a bit whiffy in
the state of Denmark.  That shouldn't happen in the ports without good

Also, you can turn off X11 support in audio/mumble using the OPTIONS
framework -- use 'make config' to bring up the blue and grey dialogue.
(The default is to turn off X11 support in mumble, but that doesn't
necessarily mean that dependencies won't require X11 support...)



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