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Fri Sep 9 20:14:58 UTC 2011

On Fri, 9 Sep 2011 11:29:28 +0000 (GMT), Thomas Mueller wrote:
> FreeBSD 8.2 slice on old computer is about 12 GB with 1.3 GB
> free; RAM is 256 MB.

Depending on your particular software needs, a full FreeBSD
installation _with_ programs can fit onto an 8 GB slice (or
disk) with 50% free space. :-)

> So a better way to upgrade to 9.0 might be to build on the
> new computer onto a 16 GB USB stick, I wouldn't even need
> to keep the ports tree or system source on the USB stick.

You should just pay attention to building parameters (see
"man make.conf" and "man src.conf") to keep the system in
a minimal state, and make sure not to tie it to the hardware
characteristics (especially CPU) of the building system.

> I assume booting a USB stick with Plop would work on the
> 2001 computer with FreeBSD as it did with NetBSD 4.0.1
> and NetBSD-current.

Just try it, it should be possible.

> Due to insufficient RAM and insufficient disk space for
> the bigger packages/ports, I feel like I'm at the end
> of the line with FreeBSD, NetBSD too, on the 2001
> computer; would need to build on my new computer.

Yes, even if the system runs flawlessly, upgrading gets
more and more complicated, so maybe migrating to a new
machine would be better here.

Just an addition: I still run a Pentium (yes, no numbers
after the name!) with 150 MHz and 128 MB RAM here as a
small server, using FreeBSD/x86 8.2. I did install from
CD and then via Internet. Packages are fine to use in
this case (see "man pkg_add"). Depending on _what_ the
server does, even this over-obsoleted configuration might
fit perfectly well!

So I do _no_ claim it's impossible to run and install
FreeBSD on older hardware. In fact, it _IS_ possible,
maybe just a bit complicated in special cases (e. g. as
the P1 server I mentioned does not even have USB, only
a CD-ROM drive), but _POSSIBLE_, which may be fully
sufficient in some cases. So "old iron" can still be
a valueable citizen of the IT infrastructure. :-)

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