get rel 9.0 iso

Mike Kelly mdkelly at
Fri Sep 9 17:24:30 UTC 2011

> The dvd1.iso file is less than 700mb and would fit on a standard cd. But
>> the point is you do not install from a .iso file. The .iso file is a
>> compressed file and when you uncompress it it's way to large to fit on a
>> standard cd but will fit on a dvd. Thats why its named dvd1.iso.
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I just burned the dvd1.iso to a cd-r this morning and used it to install to
a laptop. Worked great. I think there is some confusion about compression on
the iso file. There is none on the file in question. Previous DVD iso files
have been compressed, which gives it a filename of dvd1.iso.xz. The 9.0BETA2
file is not compressed though.

Mike Kelly

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