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Hasse Hansson wrote:
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> Emne: Re: wheel group & mkdir
> Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> On 06/09/2011 16:49, Fbsd8 wrote:
>>> I have a user that belongs to the wheel group but when the user tries to
>>> issue mkdir command it gets a permission denied error.
>>> How do I fix this?
>> Make the directory that contains where your user is trying to create a
>> new subdirectory writable by group wheel.  Either that, or teach your
>> user to use su(1) or sudo(1) so they can mkdir as root.  (Adding users
>> to group wheel so they are permitted to run su(1) is a BSD-ism, and is
>> the usual reason for adding anyone to wheel.)
>> 	Cheers,
>> 	Matthew
> Matthew
> 	Thanks for your reply. I have a user id that is in the wheel group.
> I 
> su and get prompted for the user id's password after which I get 
> returned to the command line. Running the script with the mkdir command 
> embedded still returns Permission Denied message. I have read the su man 
> page to no joy. Could you please explain the sequence of events to get 
> su to work.
> Thanks
> Hello.
> If I've got the correct impression of it, to be in the wheel group, able you
> to su to root, meaning get root privilieges.
> BUT you have to know and use the root password.
> If you have installed the "sudo" port, which is very easy to config, just by
> removing some "hash #" marks some common privilieges of the wheel group, to
> obtain almost "root power" configurable by you. And also configuarable is,
> if you like the group to use their own passwords or none, just belonging to
> the wheel group, when issuing the sudo command.
> According to my humble understanding, just belonging to the wheel group
> without further configuration, don't get you much more. 
> /Hasse

Thank you Hasse

You gave me the solution. I was entering the password of the user and 
should have been entering the root password.

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