wheel group & mkdir

Robert Bonomi bonomi at mail.r-bonomi.com
Tue Sep 6 18:30:12 UTC 2011

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> Subject: wheel group & mkdir
> I have a user that belongs to the wheel group but when the user tries to 
> issue mkdir command it gets a permission denied error.
> How do I fix this?

First, figure out _why_ the user is getting that error. <grin>

exactly -what- executable named 'mkdir' are they trying to run?
  'which mkdir'
What are the permissions on that file
*WHERE* are they trying to create the file, and what are the permissions
on -that- directory?

Note: Including the _exact_ error message is a GOOD IDEA(tm).

There is a *SIGNIFICANT* difference between:
   $ mkdir foo
   mkdir: permission denied
   $ mkdir foo
   mkdir: foo: permission denied

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