Cutting sendmail out of the loop

Johan Hendriks joh.hendriks at
Sun Sep 4 21:02:07 UTC 2011

Brett Glass schreef:
> I'm creating some small FreeBSD servers that shouldn't be able to send 
> mail to, or receive mail from, the outside world. I was originally 
> just going to set sendmail_enable="NONE" in /etc/rc.conf and turn off 
> the mailing of output from various utilities (e.g. cron), but alas 
> there seem to be a few programs I may need to run that insist upon 
> sending mail. So, I'd like to see if I can set up local delivery of 
> mail without invoking the memory- and cpu-hungry program that is 
> sendmail. I'm therefore wondering what would happen if I just put 
> /usr/libexec.mail.local in as "sendmail" and "send-mail" in 
> mailer.conf and leaving out the rest of the entries. Does anyone on 
> the list have experience with doing this or something similar? 
> Sendmail has a lot of command line options that mail.local does not, 
> but they seem to be rarely invoked by programs that do things such as 
> mail output to a local user.
> --Brett Glass
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Maybe ssmtp is something you can use.
It is in ports, it does get mail out of the system.
I use it on all of my servers so i can receive the cron mails and so on.

Personaly i think sendmail should be replaced by such small mailer.
Also Dragonfly has removed Sendmail for there own small and clean mailer 
called DMA.
DMA - DragonFly Mail Agent

Johan Hendriks
Double L

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