Routing Woes

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Sun Sep 4 03:05:59 UTC 2011

On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 8:16 PM, Monkeyfoahead <jordanbhandy at>wrote:

>        I have a question that I thought that you could probably answer. I
> have setup a freebsd seedbox in my apartment.  This box has two internet
> connections (multi-homed server.). One is an ethernet connection behind a
> firewall that is connected to a Comcast modem. The other is my apartment's
> wifi. I desire to use the wifi for torrenting and my connection for
> http,ftp, and ssh access. The proper ports have been forwarded to the
> freebsd server from the firewall on the Comcast connection.  My problem is
> when the default route is set to go over the wifi, i cannot access the
> server from the comcast modem address. When my default route is set to go
> over the modem, my server is accessible to the outside world.
> Due to the nature of the torrent-dameon i am using. I must have the default
> route go over the wifi connection. Is there a route i can add that will fix
> my problem?

I believe you'll want to use fib's eg setfib(1) and assign your torrent
client to use the fib associated with your wifi.

Adam Vande More

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