"at" command and mail

Adam Vande More amvandemore at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 16:55:08 UTC 2011

On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 11:39 AM, Brett Glass <brett at lariat.net> wrote:

> I'm setting up a FreeBSD appliance that won't be running a mail daemon. I'd
> like the at(8) command to be there for scheduling of commands, but do not
> see any way to prevent it from trying to send mail after it executes a
> command. (There's not even a command line option that says "do not mail," or
> at least I can't find one.) Am I missing something, or does at(8) always
> expect to be able to send mail? If so, would it be worth implementing an
> atrun.conf configuration file that makes it optional and possibly sets other
> defaults for at(8)?

If you redirect the output from the command to /dev/null or other file, you
shouldn't recieve an email unless you've also specified -m.

Adam Vande More

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