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Allen Unix.Hacker at comcast.net
Sat Sep 3 09:17:34 UTC 2011

Maybe I can play Diplomat here, considering that I use both BSD and
Linux and Windows, and I won't pretend to care about any of your
feelings and just be Honest:

On 8/20/2011 2:09 PM, Michael Sierchio wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 10:12 AM, Dave Pooser
> <dave-freebsd at pooserville.com> wrote:
>> 3) Updates are a mess. It's cool that I *can* compile a new kernel, but
>> that I *have* to is ridiculous. Updating a server should not be more
>> difficult than "yum update" -- full stop.
> Are you lazy, or stupid?  man freebsd-update

OK, I too use freebsd-update to update my base system, but, other than
the port manager tools, I've PERSONALLY watched "portupgrade -aF"
basically break a system.

I saw one person say "Well you can't upgrade one version of Red Hat to
another" but really, who here actually cares about Red Hat? I came from
SUSE and Slackware, both of which have had very well thought out
upgrades for a while. (Slackware didn't for a while, but apparently
slackpkg does this now) but SUSE was always easy to upgrade.

I think one thing I can personally agree with when it comes to what was
said, is the whole thing about patching; Why isn't there yet a tool that
will simply grab ALL security patches? I mean Debian can do apt-get
update && apt-get upgrade and then grab everything from the Kernel's
patches to xmms patches, install them, and I'm done.

Try that on any version of BSD before PC-BSD came around. I get that a
lot of BSD people are programmers and like looking at source code, but
personally, not being a coder, I don't CARE what flags something uses....

I think if FreeBSD had an all purpose patching tool, it would be a lot
better. I mean sure, you use freebsd-update and it updates the base
system, but anything you use on the machine is usually a port of some
sort, and doing those.... When I first started using FreeBSD, I was
looking at how to install patches for security, and I was like WTF I
have to do what? I'm not quite sure why no one has ever made a tool that
grabs all security patches and installs them for you, but they should.

It would be REALLY nice if FreeBSD had freebsd-update that worked on
ports too, because the process of updating those, it IS a little much.
I've been using FreeBSD since 4.0 and to be 100% Honest, I've never once
managed to actually upgrade a system. And that's while sitting with the
FreeBSD.org Docs sitting open on another machine going down the list of
what I was supposed to do. It was time consuming, and compiling
things.... Again, not a programmer.

The guy who said updating should be no more than "yum update" had a
point. I get why ports are separated and all that, but why not
compromise and have a way to install security patches on both at the
same time?

I recently installed PC-BSD on my Laptop, and the fact that it grabs
patches for me and installs them, more than proves it could be added
over to FreeBSD.

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