printing to Kyocera FS-1030D

Conrad J. Sabatier conrads at
Thu Sep 1 10:26:08 UTC 2011

On Wed, 3 Aug 2011 13:22:51 -0500
Ryan Coleman <editor at> wrote:

> Screw off. Top posting is actually a default in the mail software
> community. And I will always do it.

Thanks for the warning.

> More annoying: Extra spaces and not removing the cruff from the
> bottom of emails. And condescending asshats.

Even more annoying: people who respond rudely to a politely-worded
reminder re: basic netiquette.

Fare thee well.

> On Aug 3, 2011, at 1:08 PM, Robert Bonomi wrote:
> > 
> > Pierre, please do not 'top post' replies -- it makes the 'logic' of
> > the message hard to follow,  to wit:


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