Solution for school lab just a thought

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Mon Oct 31 13:56:52 UTC 2011

> You should look into the Freebsd port qjail. At our school lab all the 
> pcs have ms/windows on the hard drive with the "putty" client installed. 
> Students use putty to get logged into a jail on a single Freebsd system. 
> Each student can practice installing ports, packages, or one of the 
> desktop window environments in their private jail. The goal being to 
> teach students to be system administrators.

Humm Interesting... 
In my case the computers runs FreeBSD (diskless) and they need do
windows system. 
In a public school, where the $$$ is the main problem, I think this is
the solution.
Here the school has computers (a lot) that receives from donation,
projects... from time to time
the problem is the software... 
What to teach to children??? word, exel, powerpoint, msn??? is this

I think that children (and teenagers too), must face problems and
resolve them.
the world belongs tho those that work in group. those who can get
so an account in a desktop environment (in my case: gnome) with several
languages, internet access, text composing (libreoffice), postscript
printing (cups),
some IDE (anjuta, eclipse), multimedia (ffmpeg, avidemux2, openshot,
can make the difference. They can download small videos from their
phones, and
produce digital media, share it on DVDs...  the home lesson is send via
email (everyone
has email).. One problem is hand-witten... no one wants to hand write

Those who foresee the future, can learn how to code GUI interface, and
so produce
software for the community.  They can learn how to install admin FreeBSD
share files in the network, use webdav to share files in internet... and
so on...

There is a need for people with this knowledge... The society will buy
from the 
students as long as they produce good software.. 

What is the other alternative???  finish high school and than look for a
XXI century there is no jobs, there will be working people... Those who
succeed working for himself will rule.. That is what I teach to my
They worked hard (12 years)... and now they rule..  

Do you really think that this world crisis will end in 10 years???

Just a thought...


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