Fast personal printing _without_ CUPS

Thomas Mueller mueller6727 at
Fri Oct 28 08:10:55 UTC 2011

from Mark Felder <feld at>:

> You've just made me a happy, happy user. I always wondered what it would  
> take to get rid of CUPS, and today I've done it. Finally my print jobs are  
> instantaneous here at work instead of being a mystery. Can't wait to go  
> home and do the same with my personal laser.

I wish I could do that with my HP n1212mf LaserJet, but the necessary hplip port depends on cups-base.

I could not get that printer to work on the old computer under FreeBSD 8.2 and NetBSD 5.1_STABLE,
problems with the tricky USB interface, won't work with ulpt, but I didn't try the ethernet way yet.

On the new computer, FreeBSD being the only hard-drive OS installed so far, I built hplip but haven't
tested it yet.  Upgrading by source from FreeBSD 9.0-BETA2 to RC1, I was sure to deactivate ulpt in
the kernel config file.  I am still struggling with some files in /etc messed up by mergemaster.  I
may have found a solution but haven't tested it yet; I did back up my old /etc directory.

Then I have to portupgrade hplip and dependencies (portupgrade -r ...) or the portmaster equivalent.


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