rsync and the ports tree

Peter Kryszkiewicz tundra2bear at
Wed Oct 26 10:39:50 UTC 2011

I have several machines installed in my temporary location and only my
laptop gets the internet through wireless. So far I've been building ports
on the other machines by rsync'ing the distfiles from the laptop as I need
them (all machines have the same FreeBSD 8.2 installed).

The problem comes after I did a 'portupgrade -a' on the laptop. To ensure
the other ports trees are in sync, can I rsync the /usr/ports directory to
the other machines? Since some of them are different architectures (amd64
multicore for instance) I ran into situations where the distfiles are
different (for gcc for example).

If not rsync, what is the best way to keep multiple ports trees on different
hardware in sync, assuming everything runs FreeBSD 8.2?

Peter Kryszkiewicz

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