Can't access a music CD (or any other media now)

Conrad J. Sabatier conrads at
Mon Oct 24 00:25:27 UTC 2011

On Sun, 23 Oct 2011 15:38:29 -0500
"Conrad J. Sabatier" <conrads at> wrote:
> No, it seems that there's a severe level of "brokenness" that has been
> introduced into the source tree with regards to CD devices.  I've been
> exploring this issue on my own system the last couple of days, and am
> no closer to arriving at a solution than when I first started.
> None of the CD-related apps I have installed are working.  cdcontrol
> will read an audio CD OK, it seems, but playback is useless, since,
> like most newer machines, I have no direct connection between the CD
> drive and the audio device.
> Apps such as kscd, xmcd, etc. report no disc or no device found.  grip
> (using cdparanoia) will detect an audio disc and even fetch the
> correct cddb info, but ripping fails completely.  xmms reports "no
> appropriate ioctl for device".
> This is progress?

OK, I've made a little headway here.  At least, I've managed to get
cdrtools to work once again, after rebuilding/installing the port and
setting the default device to the SCSI address (1,0,0) of cd0 instead
of the device name.  Grip is now working with cdda2wav.
Hallelujah!  :-)

Still can't seem to get plain old audio CD playback working with
anything, though.  :-(

Conrad J. Sabatier
conrads at

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