csup: How do I know I have correct version?

Thomas Mueller mueller6727 at bellsouth.net
Fri Oct 21 09:27:27 UTC 2011

After I run 

csup /usr/share/examples/releng9-supfile

how do I know I have the correct version, like 9.0-BETA3 or 9.0-RC1?

I can't find any such information explicitly anywhere under /usr/src .

This releng9-supfile was made from stable-supfile by changing RELENG_8 to RELENG_9 in the line

*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_8

I've been following the emailing lists current, questions and ports, 
noticed the heads-up that HEAD was going to 10-current.

Maybe also I should put this releng9-supfile in a safer place where 
it won't be deleted by the next installation/upgrade?


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