ZFS on Dell with FreeBSD

Любомир Григоров nm.knife at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 00:00:24 UTC 2011

If by OpenSolaris you mean OpenIndiana, (OpenSolaris is dead), both OI and
FreeBSD have the same ZFS pool version (28). There is no "native" advantage
of using OI over FreeBSD regarding ZFS.

If you want the latest ZFS with cryto (30), you need to go with closed
source Solaris 11 Express, which you need to buy a support license (a no-no)
if you want to use in production or commercially.

2011/10/19 <perryh at pluto.rain.com>

> Damien Fleuriot <ml at my.gd> wrote:
> > Why would you post about freebsd on opensolaris' list is beyond me.
> Presumably because opensolaris is the ZFS upstream.
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Lyubomir Grigorov (bgalakazam)

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