need to check for hex in C: how/

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Sun Oct 16 22:08:19 UTC 2011

On 16/10/2011 22:26, Gary Kline wrote:
> if n == 15 and x is the int. i can say 
> if ((int)x == 15)  Or to check if x == 'A' i can cast x to (char)x.
> what's the syntax to chec if x is , say, 32/

In C code you can write an integer constant in hexadecimal by prefixing
it with 0x -- so 0x32 is the hexadecimal constant equal to decimal 50.

 if ( x == 0x32 ) ...

I guess that's what you're asking; '32/' is not any sort of syntax I've
ever seen before to indicate hexadecimal.



Tempted to interpret it as 32 shillings old money (£1.60 in decimal coinage)

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