boost issue freebsd 8.2 (32 bit) - infinite loop of boost

Waitman Gobble gobble.wa at
Sat Oct 15 17:38:38 UTC 2011


I identified the problem - the build script insists on fetching boost from -- for some reason this hangs indefinitely from my
connection. ie, wget
and connects but never transfers any data. (from my IP however if i
try it from another network it works..).

Manually fetching from
and putting in /usr/ports/distfiles solves the problem... I'm not sure
heanet host doesn't like my IP (or something else?)

Anyway, I noticed I made some typos in my previous email, "34" should have
been "45". (boost_1_45_0 not boost_1_34_0). late night. lol.


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