Can't access a music CD

Alexander Best arundel at
Thu Oct 13 16:25:24 UTC 2011

On Wed Oct 12 11, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> "Michael D. Norwick" <mnorwick at> writes:
> > Thank You for the replies.  Got the part about not mounting an audio
> > CD.  I wasn't trying to.  Inserting the disc in the drive brought up
> > the error message.  Mounting a data CD or DVD acts normally and the
> > filesystem on it can be accessed.
> Okay, so what *are* you you using to try to play the CD?
> Someone suggested cdcontrol, but these days a lot of 
> computers don't come with the cable to get analog audio
> directly off the drive. That's why the FAQ suggests xmcd, 
> although it's far from the only option; most of the big 
> desktop environments come with a CD playing application
> that gets the data digitally.  For example, I think the
> Gnome application is "brasero".

i think cdcontrol(1) should be adjusted, so that it supports digital audio CD
playback. actually analog audio hasn't really been supported by mainboard
manufacturers for > 10 years. i have a board which comes with an audio
connector, but attaching a cable to it, which is attached to a dvd drive
doesn't work, for whatever reasons. i also believe newer dvd and br sata
devices don't even come with an analog connector nowadays.

another application which supports digitally playing audio cds is mplayer(1)
via 'mplayer cdda:://' or 'mplayer cddb://'.

ano ther thought might be to implement an audio cd filesystem, so one could do
'mount -o audiocdfs /dev/cd0 /media/cd' and then all tracks appear as RAW pcm
audio files. maybe fuse comes with something like this?


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