cvs mirror on 8, 5G dvd? Re: Extract particular date snapshot from /var/db/portsnap?

Peter Vereshagin peter at
Thu Oct 13 12:34:57 UTC 2011


I think I should correct myself as what I found that way was unexpected, even
after aside from portsnap.

2011/06/15 06:51:32 +0400 Peter Vereshagin <peter at> => To freebsd-questions at :
PV> GL> cvs -d :ext:anoncvs at export -D 2010-10-01
PV> GL> -d ports-2010-10-01 ports
PV> GL> 
PV> GL> In this example, I am exporting (no CVS metadata dirs) a full ports tree
PV> GL> as of Oct 1st, 2010 into the directory "ports-2010-10-01".

First of all Thank you very much as it was unobvious to know that from manuals like:

PV> Sure, I know I can do it with (x)VCS.

This one was wrong: ports are available from CVS only. No svn, p4, etc.

PV> But hell yes, having VCS before such a situation to happen is good. "Just if we

This one seem insufficient now. I checked out ports from 'anoncvs':

    cvs -d anoncvs at co ports

and there is no backup for the deleted ports of my interest. I mean for
example I can not get the directory of x11/wmfstatus as it is deleted at this

I suppose such a download is not the all what I assume it to be: backup of
each and every port's versions till the moment being. So I just

    rsync rsync://mirrorsite/pub/FreeBSD/development/FreeBSD-CVS/ports ./

and later I can just 'cvs export' any directory for any date from there,
right? I suppose I'd put it on a double-layer dvd, is it possible to export
from there? It is noted that:

5.4G is sufficient.

Another question wth cvs is: can I get the particular port in its state of
N(=1,2, ...) changes ago? It seems to be possible only to look up particular
version for the particular file and checkout it but not for the directory
(assuming the port is a directory). At the least how to look up the list of
dates when the directory was changed should be great.

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