can't find installed executables

Jim jim jimbo433 at
Tue Oct 11 09:21:42 UTC 2011

I'm kind of new to FreeBSD and installed the latest version a few days ago, it gave me the option to install some packages and I chose some of them like 'FlightGear' for example.But now I don't know how to execute this game or any other program I got installed. I can find the folder and it's like /usr/ports/games/flightgear but there is the Makefile so I think that is the installation folder and i also tried to install it but than it shows me that it is already installed.Could you tell me which one is the executable and how to run it or where I can find it?
Hope you can help me with this.
Yours Sincerely
Jim van Dooren. 		 	   		  

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