X on Xterminals but not on console

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at otenet.gr
Thu Oct 6 16:21:00 UTC 2011

On 6/10/2011 6:24 μμ, n dhert wrote:
> Hi,
> In your labserver, do you have a graphical login window at your labserver or
> not ?
> I don't want a graphical login, since I can't get anymore to the login
> prompt via Ctrl Alt F1

No graphical login. My lab server stops at the console login prompt.

> In KDM, the config directory is /usr/local/share/config/kdm  for kdm window
> manager, there is no
> Xservers file, and I can't see any file .. there are Xaccess, Xwilling,
> Xstartup, Xreset, Xsession files
> and a large kdmrc file. There are no man pages for kdm, kdm-bin, Xaccess,
> etc...
> I tried setting ServerCmd=""  instead of ServerCmd=/usr/local/bin/X -br  in
> the  kdmrc file ...
> Now I only have /usr/local/bin/kdm-bin running, not /usr/local/bin/X

Don't really know how KDM handles this. You could however - as a last 
resort - disable KDM and use xdm as your login manager. It is a bit 
"rough" (see login screens here 
but it can start up any GUI using a simple .xsession file (xdm is not 
installed along with X but it is a very small port, x11/xdm).

> Am I right to believe the primary role of a local X server (local= on
> labserver) is to have a graphical environment on that labserver machine ?

Yes, absolutely. There is no need to run a GUI on the lab server. It's a 
waste of CPU cycles and memory.

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