Invalid fdisk partition table found (fwd)

Warren Block wblock at
Mon Nov 28 18:59:31 UTC 2011

On Mon, 28 Nov 2011, Robert wrote:

> I did discover that an external card reader I was using on the Windows 
> XP computer is defective. It had a bent pin and another recessed pin. 
> I hope that is not what damaged these cards.

Ouch.  That sounds like a logical cause.  Although the card itself has 
sockets, and would hopefully still work in a good reader... A bad 
pin would explain why they show similar but not identical capacity.

>> Have these cards
>> been heavily used to the point where they may be failing?
> I couldn't say for sure but I am waiting for answers from
> the photographer/owner about other questions. She does take an
> incredible amount of photos so I would guess they have been used and
> clear many times.

I was thinking of them being used as drive in a computer application. 
In that kind of use, flash drives are reported to last 1.5 to 3 years.

> I was attempting to force another look at /dev/da1 to see any change
> not actually zero out anything.

Oh.  A little easier: true > /dev/da0

> I did a lot of my testing in single user but switched to multi so that
> I could more easily cut and paste tests and results.

Sorry, forgot to mention that earlier.  It really should make no 
difference here.

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